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Poems about intentions

Spell of good intentions

We got the time to come together - to reflect, connect and collect.

Time gives…

The opportunity to think

The possibility to act

The liberty to link


So let’s make a pact

To get tougher and react

Cause we know those under attack

Don’t have the luxury of Time

Their lives are on the line

To know, ours as well

Hidden under the consumption spell

It can change you, in someone you wouldn’t recognize 

Only that little park in your eyes - wondering how?

The spell of time

Magical but fears

It passes every second

Before you could – would - like to

Capture it

 It is gone - it passed


But the NOW we have

To pass as we wish

So thank you for your bliss

Lets write a spell together

Full of love, compassion and joy 

To spread the magic of good intention

To transform opportunities of those who need our attention

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