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Poems about diversity and unity

Merging contrasts

Black and white,

shadow and light, 

makes the contrast pop. 

Shows the beauty of the opposite.

Creation of lines and forms.

The shadow, 

the reflection of the above, 

the stream of the past.



supporting us on our way.

No light.

Fresher than in the sun.

Space to cool down.


No heat of the moment.

Some time in between the lines.

Time to think.

About the light you may bring. 

To start a new dance with the shadows,

to create beautiful lines, 

for others to follow.

To dance through darkness and light 

To find the path of delight. 

To dance together and make it so bright, 

we may form a beam of light 

No definition line

Structured Chaos

Colofrul  between the lines 




A place out of context

It's not a contest 

It's a personal quest 

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